The Prattler

2017-2018 rebrand of The Prattler, including collateral like TV ads (placed around Pratt Institute), Posters, and a website at prattleronline.com

The Prattler is Pratt Institute’s quarterly student magazine/newspaper/zine, and has been “student read and led” since 1940. Each new creative director/designer that has taken over in the recent years has restructured the publication itself, changing its format, branding, type treatment, etc. When my co-creative director and I took over, we wanted to honor The Prattler’s history as a bona fide newspaper but incorporate elements of trend into the design to keep the publication current and to make our look as unique as the nebulous space we inhabit amongst Pratt publications.

I oversaw and directed the overall typographic look, changing the wordmark to a modified version of Optimum Compressed to fit our new format (4.25” by 11” hard folded finals) and chose Adso and Franklin Gothic URW for our title and copy faces. I also oversaw the design direction of the website, posters, and digital advertisements. All brand collateral associated with The Prattler are generated by the Creative Director and the Assistant Art Director(s).

Adjustments were made with pointers from advisor Christopher Calderhead—the capital P was redrawn, and the lowercase “r” and “a” were tweaked to allow for better kerning.