Hua Chen (They/She) is a designer, learner, collaborator, and sometimes writer based in Brooklyn, NY.
They work on identities, print, and digital applications for clients in cultural, nonprofit, and educational spaces.
They are also interested in co-learning (teaching, cooperative pedagogy), urban planning/policy, and permaculture. 

Prattonia 2019

Print, Art Direction

Pratt Institute, 2018–2019

Prattonia is the yearbook of Pratt Institute, produced yearly for each graduating class (undergraduate, graduate, associates, etc.). Prattonia 2019 was concepted, art directed, photographed, designed, and output by Aitana Cantu, Basia Kurlender, Hua Chen, Lulu Johnson, and Stephanie O’Byrne. The 2019 edition was printed in a run of 1200 by High Road Press in Moonachie, NJ.

All tenderness to you. 温柔只留给你.
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