Hua Chen is a designer, learner, collaborator, and sometimes writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She works on identities, print, and digital applications for clients in cultural and educational spaces.
She is also deeply interested in co-learning (teaching, cooperative pedagogy), urban planning/urban policy, and permaculture.

Portfolio and CV on request.

Gaiwan Storytelling (盖碗故事)is the personal practice of Hua Chen, centered around storytelling through craft.

    Designer @ ThoughtMatter

Previously At
    Base Design NYC

Currently available for select freelance projects and collaborations. 

Clients/Collaborators (Past & Present)
    Union Square Partnership,
    Geffen Playhouse,
    Union Square Hospitality Group,
    Pratt Institute School of Design,
    Moore Street Alliance,

Co-learning, Workshops, etc.
    Type Directors Club Award (2018)

All tenderness to you. 温柔只留给你.